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Agape Foundation For Literacy and Rural Development

Empowering People, Creating Wealth  

OUR VISION:                                Agape Foundation envisions a Nigerian society liberated from the shackles of illiteracy, socio- economic, cultural and political deprivation and subjugation.                                                            


OUR MISSION:                              Agape Foundation exists to serve as a vehicle for mass education for the emancipation of the less privileged in the Nigerian society towards their socio-economic empowerment, poverty eradication and sustainable livelihood.                                        


OUR VALUES:                               Agape Foundation’s operations are guided by the values of hard work, Commitment, Dedication, Discipline, Team spirit, Righteousness and Participation.                                                            




·        Education                                                

·        Governance                                            

·        Gender and Women’s Right                     

·        HIV/AIDS                                                

·        Conflict Transformation and Emergencies

·        Micro Credit and Sustainable Livelihoods

·  Water and Sanitation